Pregnancy Henna

Having your beautiful pregnant belly henna’d is a unique and relaxing way to celebrate your pregnancy. You can have your belly henna’d at any stage during your pregnancy however usually its done when you are between 32 and 38 weeks. The last few weeks of pregnancy can be a challenging time and often mothers are waiting in anticipation for their baby to be born. Henna offers a relaxing experience that helps Mum to celebrate and enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy looking beautiful. Each henna belly design is unique to the mother and baby. When we meet, we will chat about designs you like and then design one especially for you incorporating your ideas. A henna belly takes1.5 hours and costs $100. If you would like me to attend your Baby shower or Blessingway to henna your belly there will be extra cost. Why not consider a henna belly and photoshoot package. Check out the Photoshoot page for examples. Contact me for a quote. If you are looking to gift a henna belly to someone special in your life, we have vouchers available.

What Women Say

I had been feeling really disconnected from my husband during the last month or so of my pregnancy. When I arrived home with my henna belly he was so excited and couldn’t stop touching my belly. The henna design made me feel beautiful and brought lots of attention to me and my baby bump. It really helped us to reconnect before baby was born.


It was such a lovely experience to have my pregnant belly henna’d. I felt relaxed and nurtured. The henna also helped me to feel excited, bring my attention to this baby and tune into what I wanted for my birth. Jillian was also great to talk to about birth and helped me to feel confident about my ability to birth my baby.


My girlfriends bought me a voucher for to have my belly henna done. I was so excited as I had gone early with my previous baby and missed the opportunity to have henna. I loved my henna belly. I felt beautiful and it helped me to bring my focus to my baby and enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy. I will have my belly done next time too.


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