Henna Happy Healing

One of my favourite things to do is have my girlfriends around and henna them all. It is a lovely bonding time as we laugh, chat and play together. The space feels sacred when we all come together…for me its my opportunity to Giving to all of my beautiful sisters and sometimes brothers for all that they Give to the world… We celebrate our lives and eachother….and take our tattoo away for the next little while to remind us of our time together and the love we share.

Henna has some lovely healing aspects that I think are really powerful however often overlooked because of the aesthetic value henna tattoo’s have. A simple way to look at it…. someone might have a henna tattoo done on them of a symbol that means something to them, they carry this symbol tattooed on their body for the next week or so and each time they look at it they are reminded or what that symbol means to them….It might be a reminder to keep on track with the weight loss, or to stay focused on study and the Big picture, that you are powerful and beautiful….It could be anything….A henna tattoo has the potential to bring you into the present and remind you of something that is important for you in this very moment….

fertility henna tattoo ceremony